Cogeneration plants

CGT is your reference partner in Italy, providing you with high level commercial and technical consultancy. We offer “turnkey” solutions in designing, manufacturing and maintaining both natural gas and biogas cogeneration plants.


What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration is the advantageous and sustainable answer for those who need electricity and heat at the same time in their company. Thanks to ad hoc systems, it is possible to take full advantage of a single primay energy to produce the two types of energy in a combined and efficient way.
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CGT Cogeneration plants

Each customer has its own needs. For this reason CGT, starting from an accurate preliminary analysis, plans, develops and manufactures tailor-made cogeneration plants, able to meet ideally to your requirements, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and the best support.
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The types of CGT cogeneration plants

CGT industrial cogeneration plants cannot be chosen from a catalogue. The standard solution is only the starting point to create a customized plant, which adapts to the customers’ environmental conditions and spaces, taking full advantage of the available resources.
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Caterpillar generator sets: the high-performance heart of CGT cogeneration plants

Thanks to the availability of a wide range of Cat generator sets, CGT is able to find the perfect solution for any type of energy request. Our cogeneration plants combine efficiency, sustainability and savings, obtaining an overall efficiency that exceeds 90%.
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CGT services for maximum efficiency of cogeneration plants

Thanks to CGT services, the efficiency and reliability of each cogeneration plant are always checked and ensured. As a matter of fact, each customer can rely on the assistance of dedicated technicians, on preventive maintenance programs and on remote control by CGT, for 100% safe and efficient energy.
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Conducting cogeneration plants

For each cogeneration plant built, CGT offers and coordinates ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, also ensuring maximum availability for prompt intervention. All of this for an industrial cogeneration able to meet the highest standards of safety, operation and duration.
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Financial services

Thanks to financial services specifically designed by CGT, industrial cogeneration is accessible to everyone. From leasing to rental, CGT guarantees and supports the specific needs of each customer with flexible solutions, able to take full advantage of customers' economic investments.

Quality certifications

CGT, in addition to ensure greater efficiency and sustainability for your company, is daily committed to offering the best service and the best quality of its products. In this way, our customers can rely on cogeneration plants and certified and guaranteed quality services.
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White certificates for the industrial cogeneration

By choosing CGT industrial cogeneration your company will be able to reach new levels of sustainability and savings, through white certificates, or Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE): the main tool to promote energy efficiency in the industrial sector.

Products Cogeneration plants

Case history

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CGT give energy to Mazzucchelli 1849

Mazzucchelli 1849, world leader in the production and distribution of cellulose acetate used for the production of glasses, has chosen CGT to give energy to its production process.

Our projects

Our technical department uses rendering and VR technologies to involve our customers in all stages of the project.

Sacchetto relies on CGT for biogas

Satisfied with the first plant we built in 2002, Sacchetto SpA, one of the most representative companies in the manufacture of starch derivatives since 1947, has confirmed the construction of a new one.

International Paper restarts with CGT

After the earthquake occurred in Emilia in 2012 that caused huge damages to its factory, International Paper, US paper manufacturing corporation, has been obliged to renovate. It was the right moment to invest also in energy efficiency and they found the right partner in CGT to support them in projecting and building the suitable cogeneration plant. The expected savings will be guaranteed by our long term maintenance contract.

Auricchio chooses CGT for its Cremona factories

Auricchio, a leading company in the manufacture and distribution of dairy products since 1877, selected CGT to install a cogeneration plant powered by a Cat G3516C engine (methane gas) in its Cremona factories. To better meet Auricchio requirements, we delivered a customized maintenance contract, scheduling regular inspections and guaranteeing the assistance within 24 hours.

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