Shredding according to Komptech


The processing of waste for materials recycling or energy production usually starts with shredding, to condition the waste cross-spectrum for further process steps. This is exactly what the Terminator is built for. As a low speed single-shaft shredder it can be used on all types of waste. Through variations in the drum and counter comb system, the applications range from coarse break-up to defined shredding.


The Crambo is one of the best machines for shredding all types of wood and green waste. Two slow-running drums with shredding tools minimize fine particle and noise/dust emissions, and resist contraries. The Crambo enables easy adjustment of the output particle size, by simply exchanging the screen basket to instantly change your required particle size. In addition to the existing hydraulicdrive model there is a mechanicaldrive version, the Crambo direct.


The Axtor is one of the most flexible machines out there for processing wood and green cuttings. In fast-running shredder mode with free-swinging tools, it produces material for composting. In reduced-speed chipper mode with fixed  tools, it makes biomass fuel for heating plants. The current product range consists of the high-performance Axtor 8012 and the Axtor 6010 and 5010 models.

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