Code of Ethics and Organizational Model

CGT S.p.A. has chosen to adopt a ‘model of organization, management and control’ in line with the provisions of Decree 231/01. This model, together with the ethical code of the TESA Group, serves as a constant reference for the employees of CGT and all those with whom the company interacts (suppliers, consultants and customers). The organizational model and the code of ethics therefore fully represent the company values and principles that have always guided the companies of the TESA Group and with which they fully identify.

Downloads (Italian only)

CGT - Modello di organizzazione, gestione e controllo ai sensi del D. Lgs. 231/2001 (settembre 2020)
application/pdf (1.45 MB)
Scarica documento
CGT - Codice anticorruzione (marzo 2019)
application/pdf (421.23 KB)
Scarica documento

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