Technological solutions

Cat XE models

Caterpillar machines with the mark XE are characterized by a high technological content, greater productivity and lower fuel consumption.

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Payload systems

The maintenance of production objectives requires efficient processes, short cycle times and precise loads. The Cat technology allows weighing the payload moving parts for the exact achievement of the targets, optimizing efficiency and increasing productivity of yards.

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Grade systems

Carrying out grading operations quickly and accurately and without the need of reworking saves time and money. Cat technologies based on digital design data, in-cabin driving functions and automatic control devices achieve the desired results in the fastest way.

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Compaction systems

Cat compaction technologies combine advanced measuring, in-cabin driving and reporting functions to achieve goals more quickly and smoothly, with a smaller number various applications, from road construction to landfill.

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Remote monitoring systems

Today's Cat machines allow you to analyze a large amount of data from sensors and on-board processors. Thanks to the Cat Product Link system these data can be accessed remotely via the Vision Link interface.

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Stage IV engines

The program for testing and validating Cat Stage IV engines is the most extensively used in the history of Caterpillar, with over 1 million kilometers of testing in any application and in any climate, achieving consistently reliable performance. These engines have been designed to meet all future regulations through the addition of parts.

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Quarry and construction site monitoring

Thanks to our partnership with Redbird the digital construction site is already a reality. Just one initial survey by the specialized drone allows access from any device to the web platform dedicated to monitoring quarries and construction sites.

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