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CGT is a journey that you can choose to measure by counting the years or by taking into account the courage, the intuition, the quality and the talent. Or you can consider the kilometers. So many kilometers. From the province of Vercelli to all of Italy, from Spain to Portugal, then in the Balkans and eventually in almost all of Europe. Where in 90 years of history, TESYA group has been able to expand its roots.

An attention to developments that in CGT, the historical brand of the group, we have always transmitted to our employees. Beyond the role, experience and division in which they operate.

Caterpillar dealer in Italy since 1934, we are one of the largest and most organized companies in the Mining, Public works, Infrastructure, Construction, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Naval Mechanics sectors.

We are part of an universe that operates in 15 countries, with 14 different companies, with over 2,800 people, employed in 90 locations, to whom we ensure career development and solid personal training. Growth that passes to client companies and reaches the communities to which they belong.

We believe in the value of the individual, we encourage self-determination, and invest in the individual stories of each of our collaborators, but we are also well aware of the importance of teamwork.

This is why we provide many young graduates who enter CGT every year with the necessary tools and support through our technical and assistance area or through our marketing and sales division.

You are in front of a company that for almost a century has shared values, breathed innovation and collaborated for the development of its customers by providing them with the best capital for any kind of business: people like you. Join our team!

You, like us

With our employees, customers, suppliers and communities in which we operate, we are committed to respecting our values. They are the product of our history and the way we consider the future. Ours, so yours too.

In CGT we take care of those people who are behind the ideas, sacrifice and passion that we see circulating everyday within the company. We do it with all the enthusiasm, which comes from 90 years of professional success achieved in different countries and sectors. We are used to exploring unexpressed opportunities in employees and in the business, embracing change as a tool to understand the present and project ourselves into the future together. For this reason we usually search for specialists who know how to combine tradition and innovation. And who think of their individual evolution as the result of a process that involves all of us.

You, like all of us.

Vacant positions

Vacant positions and spontaneous application

We are looking for people who are dynamic, creative, passionate, innovative and open to change to catch together the challenges of the business and achieve the goals, if you want to join our organization, discover job offers or send your spontaneous application by filling in the online form.

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