Application consultancy

Preliminary study

Starting from the work to be tackled, we define together with you a detailed production schedule, taking into account timeframes, materials, fleet and all details that can influence the final result.

Fleet size

The right sizing of the fleet and the choice of the most appropriate machine are key factors in order to complete a project with maximum efficiency and profitability. We will suggest the best possible solution, based on the performance and the equipments of each model.

Use of new technologies

Respecting specifications and deadlines is crucial for reducing costs and avoiding penalties. In addition to the ideal size of the fleet, we also suggest the best technological equipment enabling you to work faster, safer, more accurately and more profitably.

Project development

The project we develop is complete in all its stages and ready to be executed. If it involves the use of AccuGrade™ technology the project is digitalized and loaded directly on the onboard computer of the machines. In case any modifications were necessary during the  construction, they could be made ​​quickly and effortlessly.

Training and on-site assistance

Once on the field, we take care of training the operators, providing them all the information to fully exploit the potential of our machines and technologies. Even after works begin we maintain constant communication to ensure that joint programmes are respected.

Remote control

The Cat fleet, whether new or rented, can be controlled through Vision Link. If your client requests it, you can provide statistics and reports on the achieved precision values (e.g. a specific degree of compaction). This will show the quality of your work and compliance with the requirements established in the tender phase.

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CGT consultancy for and artificial reservoir

CGT consultancy and rental service enabled Comprensorio Sciistico Presolana Monte Pora to realize in record time an artificial reservoir for the production of artificial snow. 

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