Over 3,000 machines and equipment
Operating life <36 months
35 direct branches
Customizable insurance coverage
Contracts with transparent costs
Jobsite projects consultancy
Telemetry and GPS tracking
Fast, affordable transportation


We are leaders in Italy thanks to our fleet, coverage and flexibility. Let us help you in finding the best solution for your needs.

Short and medium term rentals

We supply the right machine to cope with peaks of work, even for one day only. We guarantee: maintenance and repair assistance, machine substitution when needed, “all-risk” insurance, machine delivery to your job-site when required. Dedicated decremental fees for longer rentals.

Long term rentals

Dedicated to enterprises that rely on work continuity. We guarantee a customized and flexible contract with machine substitution in case of downtime. Maintenance service and scheduled interventions on site included.

Rental agreements

Dedicated to companies that need rental machines on a regular basis. This agreement offers a range of benefits: priority in the allocation, simplified order processes, customized fees and payment terms, timely updates on the new and available fleet machines.

Special rentals

We provide you with consultancies on the application related to complex requirements, such as rental of special purpose machines or entire fleets. A peculiar service, exceeding the expectations.

Pay-per-use rental

Suited for low or unspecified applications, the machine is guaranteed on your jobsite with a minimum rental fee and charged on a pay-per-use basis.

Overseas rentals

For Italian companies operating outside Italy we are able to guarantee the high standards of our rental service thanks to the presence of CGT and agreements with other Caterpillar dealers.


At work, with you

Rental CGT on International Rental News

International Rental News, one of the most important rental magazines in Europe, has dedicated the cover to our collaboration with Sevis for the construction of the Pinzolo reservoir.