Types of CGT cogeneration plants

Container cogeneration plants

CGT container plants are the best solution to meet the needs of space and mobility in a flexible manner, by reducing environmental impact and ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

Powered by natural gas, the cogeneration plant is composed of a generator group for the production of electricity, and a system for recovering heat generated by the combustion process. When coupled to an absorber, this also allows the production of cool air. Thanks to the solutions designed by CGT to meet the Customer's needs, container plants can also be installed in areas with acoustic-related constraints, and allow modular arrangements.

On-site cogeneration plants

CGT on-site plants are completely customised in their design, so as to respond to the customer's characteristics and production needs in the best way possible. The goal is to design and build a cogeneration plant that will make the most of the area available for use while ensuring plant quality and operation, which is the true added value of CGT.

The systems consist of a generator group for the production of electricity and a system for recovering heat, which uses both the engine cooling system and exhaust gases.

Standard container cogeneration plants

CGT is able to create cogeneration plants with modular solutions that are strongly oriented to standardisation.

This approach offers many advantages:

  • Compact construction with container modules;
  • Reduction of installation times and worksite inconveniences;
  • Makes the most of the space available.

Cogeneration plants with prefabricated structures

CGT creates cogeneration plants in prefabricated structures, maintaining the same advantages of the container solution even when they are not usable due to the large size of the generator group. The prefabricated solution ensures:

  • Compact construction;
  • Reduced installation times;
  • Maximum flexibility in the choice of plant components.

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