Turn-key CGT cogeneration plants

Over the years, CGT has developed a structure dedicated to assisting and advising customers who seek maximum energy efficiency. The sales team and technical department work together towards one goal: developing a customised solution that exactly meets the needs of the customer, offering support at every stage of the decision-making process, from prospecting to the creation and delivery of the finished cogeneration plant.

Feasibility analysis

A cogeneration plant is often the right choice in terms of efficiency, but it also may not be. For this reason, CGT performs an in-depth preliminary analysis and provides customers with a no-commitment feasibility analysis that clearly illustrates:

  • savings achievable through the construction of a cogeneration plant;
  • time frames as regards the economic return of the proposed plant;
  • potential to access the highly efficient cogeneration scheme and the number of energy efficiency certificates (EEC or White Certificates) that can be obtained.


The CGT technical office directly manages the engineering, mechanical and electrical design of the plant in full. During construction, the customer has a direct relationship with CGT, which is on the site daily with the customer's site and technical managers, generating a continuous exchange of information. CGT ensures constant supervision and coordination of the construction site, in order to guarantee full compliance with the agreed upon schedule and specifications.


Once the cogeneration plant is ready, it is time for installation. CGT technical staff manages installation down to the last detail. Start-up tests and final testing are carried out to ensure optimal operation and effective delivery.

CGT Cogeneration

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