CGT Cogeneration Services

Our services for the maximum availability of cogeneration plants

Delivery of the plant is not the end of CGT's work: it is the beginning of the most important phase. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we have developed numerous services to allow our customers to fully exploit the high performance of our cogeneration plants, ensuring maximum availability and the achievement of pre-established objectives in terms of energy efficiency and savings.

Dedicated service technicians

Our customers can count on over 65 specialised technicians who work on cogeneration plants, who are continuously trained by our Vercelli Energy School Centre, who use mobile workshops equipped with the most modern technologies and diagnostic software. 

Preventive maintenance programmes

Preventive maintenance programmes are designed to ensure the continuous operation of cogeneration plants. If an extraordinary intervention is necessary, the customer can contact the Contract Management Team assigned to the plant during business hours, which will send out a specialised technician within 24 hours to locations in Italy. A toll-free number is also available 24/7, through which it may be possible to restore normal operating conditions via remote plant control. Otherwise, a technician available in the area will be sent out to the plant. Full use of the plant will be ensured or restored as quickly as possible.

Remote control

All CGT cogeneration plants that are covered by a maintenance programme are remotely controlled with a type of "telemetry". This allows the monitoring of the functional parameters of engines and the main control unit components via the most common multimedia devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones), allowing intervention before a potential failure occurs or reduce the time used in seeking out the cause of anomaly to a minimum. Remote control is considerably facilitated by the presence of an operator adequately trained by CGT staff at the customer's plant, who is also authorised to operate on the cogeneration plant. This continuous two-way flow of information makes it possible to identify and understand every signal coming from the engine's telemetry.

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