Sacchetto SpA

Chooses CGT cogeneration to increase competitiveness

The agri-food sector

Founded in 1947, Sacchetto SpA is a leading company in the production of starch derivatives. It transforms agricultural materials such as wheat and rice into different ranges of products, which are then sold as high quality ingredients for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and paper industries.


The need

To establish itself in an increasingly competitive market, Sacchetto SpA has made quality and its respect for the environment as priority values. Since 2003, it has identified cogeneration as the ideal technology due to its lower environmental impact and reduction of energy costs, which allows the company to offer quality products at competitive prices, allowing CGT to build a 1.1 MWe plant. At the beginning of 2018, after having already chosen CGT in 2013 for a second plant powered by a mixture of fossil gas and biogas generated by on-site anaerobic processing, it once again placed its trust in CGT to replace the first plant, with over 110,000 operating hours (an average of 8,000 per year).

The CGT solution

Construction of a new 2.5 MWe cogeneration plant powered by a Cat® G3520H methane gas engine that will ensure overall efficiency of over 90%, in part due to new remote supervision and control systems, and a reduction by approximately 50% in pollutant emissions in the cogeneration area (CO and NOx).

We have relied on CGT cogeneration for over 15 years, because it guarantees a service that makes the difference and represents security. Over these years, CGT has been the ideal partner and contributed to strengthening our competitiveness in a market in which the fierce competition of foreign countries and increasing costs of production have forced many companies to close.

ALBERTO SACCHETTO - Company Manager Sacchetto SpA

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