Humanitas Hospital

Efficient energy for the Humanitas Hospital

The hospital sector

Founded in 1996, the Humanitas Research Hospital in Rozzano is a highly specialised hospital, research and university teaching centre that is considered one of the most technologically advanced in Europe, and has been named by Harvard University as one of the most innovative hospitals in the world.

The need

True to its organisational model that combines economic sustainability, development, and social responsibility, the Humanitas Research Hospital has always focused on cogeneration to produce electricity and heat. In the summer of 2018, a second generation plant needed to be replaced with a more modern and efficient 2 MWe plant.

The CGT solution

2 MWe on-site cogeneration plant with an electrical efficiency of 45.3% and availability ensured by a full-service assistance contract up to 80,000 hours of operation, based on preventive and corrective maintenance with diagnostics and remote control and inclusive of a technician available 24/7.

We chose CGT because it met all of our needs with a customised solution within very tight deadlines that we set for ourselves to replace the old system. It also gave us extensive guarantees on the availability of the plant.

Marco Massaron - Manager and Technical Director - Immobiliare Pieve, Gruppo Humanitass

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