We assist you in every stage of the project

We design, develop, construct and supervise complete cogeneration plants. We guarantee on-going consulting and customized assistance throughout all stages of the project, from the preliminary analysis to daily running.

Feasibility Analysis

Assessment of needs and of electrical and heat consumption. Compilation of technical and economic feasibility studies. Identification of the best solution in terms of layout, generator size and positioning.

Analysis of the achievable savings and payback times of the plant.


Our designers are at your service with a wide range of available solutions, either standard in containers or customized in existing buildings. Engines with up to 9MW of power. Mechanical and electrical design of the entire proposal, including on-site inspections and evaluation of possible technical options for improvement.

Turnkey constructions

Supervision and co-ordination on the construction site, both of CGT staff and suppliers. Full installation of the plant, based on the highest levels of quality and in compliance with established timeframes. Running of tests and checking of plants to ensure optimum operation. Final field training for presenting the technical aspects of the plant in order to ensure its correct management.

Technical assistance

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ready to deal with any problems that might arise unexpectedly, both in Italy and around the world, they service both Cat engines and generators and those of other brands.

Preventive maintenance contracts

Customized maintenance contracts, both for Cat engines and engines of other brands, geared to maximizing the hours of operation of the generators, keeping maintenance downtime to a minimum and suggesting the best time for necessary outages. The optimization of maintenance activities and the reduced number of hours of plant downtime ensure that energy saving and cost-efficiency targets are reached.

Logistics and spare parts service

Over 94% of our spare parts are stored in our logistics centre at Carugate and are delivered to the plant within 24 hours. Unavailable spare parts can be ordered from the Cat logistics centre in Grimbergen/Mannheim and are delivered to the plant within 72 hours.

Remote monitoring

The control centre located in Vercelli remotely monitors the performance of the plant, checking for anomalies, optimizing production, preventing unplanned outages and reducing the time required for identifying malfunctions. This telemetry is available to customers and can be easily consulted through the most common multimedia devices (PC, tablet or smartphone). A two-way flow of information and constant communication between CGT and the customer allow us to identify any possible anomaly, thus guaranteeing maximum availability and efficiency of the plant.

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