Spare parts

CGT solutions

Genuine parts pay

Designed together with your machines and engines, genuine Cat parts are guaranteed and technically up-to-date. They are the best way to keep your machine or engine always fully efficient.

Parts availability

Our main warehouse in Carugate boasts a stock of over 70,000 spare parts, allowing us to directly meet 94% of your requirements. Everyday spare parts are shipped to CGT branches throughout the country or directly to customers; normally the delivery takes place the day after receiving the order. When the requested part is not available at CGT, it is ordered from the main Caterpillar warehouse. Within 12 hours it reaches Carugate (MI) to be delivered anywhere in Italy by the following day.

  • 94% of spare parts ready in 24 hours
  • Machine downtime reduction
  • Genuine spare parts only, the built-in ones only, can ensure the best productivity
  • Wide availability also for “old” machines


CGT exchange program and Cat remanufactured components

In addition to original parts we also provide you with groups (engines, transmissions and cylinders) reconditioned and tested at the Parts Repair Centre, or remanufactured units, regenerated by Caterpillar to the same standards as new units. Both solutions are a viable alternative to new units and guarantee high performance and reliability, thanks to tests performed on special test rigs. Main advantages:

  •     Wide availability
  •     Reduction of machine downtime
  •     Quality and reliability as new
  •     Lower costs
  •     Reconditioned with 100% original parts
  •     12-month warranty

Oils and lubricants

Cat oils meet the high standards that the engines demand of modern transmissions and hydraulic systems, fully supporting their power, efficiency and durability. They are equipped with special additives containing a combination of metallic detergents capable of dispersing the ashes, as well as special inhibitors. They guarantee greater control of thickening caused by soot accumulation and high- temperature oxidation and provide exceptional resistance to corrosion and deposits. Main advantages:

  •     High quality guaranteeing maximum protection of the parts, even in very severe applications
  •     Longer replacement intervals combined with the analysis of lubricants at our APL laboratory in Carugate (MI)

Spare parts for every brand and model

Acting as a single point of contact, we can provide assistance and spare parts for your entire fleet of machines and engines, both Caterpillar and other brands. Whatever parts you need, simply call the central spare parts bank in Carugate or your nearest CGT branch for a fast and customized quotation.

  •     One single point of contact providing assistance and spare parts for your entire fleet
  •     A reliable point of reference serving the whole country
  •     Saves time and money

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