Customized Oil & Gas solutions

We help you take on the most demanding engineering and environmental challenges by offering customized design solutions. We support you from the feasibility analysis right through to the management of job orders and related services.

Feasibility Analysis

We support your organization throughout the project, right from the feasibility analysis stage. Your challenge becomes our challenge.

Engineering expertise

To cater to all our customers’ needs we develop and create both mechanical and electrical customized solutions. We carry out tests and quality controls and provide detailed technical specifications for the procurement of materials from sub-suppliers.

Assembly and quality control

We carry out assembly in CGT workshops with customer supervision. We perform quality checks to assess conformity of the materials to the required technical specifications. We guarantee a final inspection of the supply, in accordance with contract requirements and quality standards.

Logistics and spare parts service

Over 94% of our spare parts are stored in our logistics centre at Carugate and are delivered to the plant within 24 hours. Unavailable spare parts can be ordered from the Cat logistics centre in Grimbergen/Mannheim and are delivered to the plant within 72 hours.

Technical assistance

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ready to deal with any problems that might arise unexpectedly, both in Italy and around the world, they service both Cat engines and generators and those of other brands.

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